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Craigco Sheep Jetters are ready to control both fly and lice, 20 jets are strategically positioned to target the affected areas. The Sensor Jet is seen as being today's technology due to the many features contained on the machine. Craigco Sheep Jetters have been manufactured in New Zealand since 1992, the brand is well known and trusted by farmers, so much so that some of the early jetters or sheep dips as they are also known are still being used today.

Craigco SensorJet

The internal V panels cater for lambs and large ewes which are adjustable on the bottom as well as spring loaded adjusters on the top. Craigco Jetters are designed to treat both fly and lice. The jets are positioned on top, bottom and on either side of the machine. The side jets are required to effectively treat lice. The pump is an important part of the equipment and as such we only use quality Twin Impellor pumps with our jetters.  We are now able to supply a 10 Horsepower Twin Impellor pump at an extremely attractive price so please contact us for details. An electronic sensor (sometimes known as a magic eye) detects sheep inside the jetting race which powers the  2 solenoid valves. The jetter has 6 spray bars with 20 jets positioned to provide optimum penetration and coverage for fly and lice control. The sensor on the Craigco Sensor Jet is strategically positioned overhead so that it will detect all size animals, from small lambs through to large ewes. The sensor does not look through a glass window as this could potentially affect the reliability of the jetter. The frame is hot dip galvanised and the bolt on components are either hot dip or electro galvanised. As the weight is less than 100kg it can easily be handled by 2 people. The jetter package includes an auto shut gate, exit ramp, 2 connecting pins a hose kit and a recent addition of a fold away spray retention cover. To set up the jetter  you simply connect the power lead to a 12 volt battery and attach the pump suction hose to a supply tank.

Hi Flo Jetter

There are 2 tapered gates inside the jetter, 1 of which is connected to a butterfly valve. As sheep pass through the jetter the tapered gates are forced open, in turn opening the butterfly valve. Although sheep are in the jetter for approx ½ second, up to 3 litres of dip can be delivered. Wooly ewes will require between 1.5 – 2.5 litres and lambs 1.0 – 1.5 litres. The jetter frame and components are either hot dip or electro galvanised. A large expansion chamber (2.25 litres) acts as a cushion for the pump and provides instantaneous jetting. A full hose kit and camlock fittings are provided.


In our demonstration video  linked below the sheep are 6 weeks off shears and some have flystrike. The farmer decided to apply a generous volume of dip chemical, whereas under different circumstances some of the jets would have been turned off and the and the pump pressure reduced. The jetter is designed to be easy to set up and operate. In the second part of the video hurdles were connected to the exit end of the jetter which force sheep to run straight which has the desired effect of slowing them down.